Entry #1

Okay, time for some new shit.

2008-10-16 21:46:02 by Gdark1

Okay so I haven't animated in a while, and some of my old stuff (that I can't delete due to it amazingly getting into the halloween collections) is shit. I think it's time I add something new, no? I've updated my pathetic excuse for a User Image, and I'm promising some projects!


Mad House (Garenteed after voice actors...)

Mad House is an old animation I was going to make... what... 2 years ago? When I first started drawing/animating? Nah. I left it alone. Well, the idea sparked in my head to make it once and for all. I'm promising this (atleast if I get some voice actors.) and hopefully this'll get my animation-ing going again. If you want to know what Mad house'll be about, just imagine two guys going to some glowing house they see at the end of their street, and having to solve many puzzles and other gay crap like that, to get out. If I finish this in time, it'll be a halloween animation. If not, it'll be a normal submission, but I don't think it'll be finished by halloween.

Actually, for now, that's all I've got. Happy Autumn Solstice, you Pagans. c:


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